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Default Folder X 6.0b4: More refinements in recently added features

Friday, September 1st, 2023

A new iteration in the Default Folder X 6 public beta brings improvements to several of the new features.

  • Drag and drop prompts at the top of Default Folder X’s menu give you context as you select a destination for the files and / or folders you’ve dropped on Default Folder X menu bar icon.
  • If you’ve set a keyboard shortcut to pop up one of Default Folder X’s toolbar menus, you’ll be reminded of the shortcut in the toolbar’s tooltips.
  • Icons in the Finder drawer and file dialog toolbar have been improved further.

In addition, several performance bottlenecks have been identified and fixed, making Default Folder X’s toolbar appear faster next to Open and Save dialogs. A number of other bugs have also been corrected in the Drag Zone, Finder drawer, and drag and drop code, making everything work more smoothly.

As always, full details and download links are available on the Default Folder X Testing page, or if you’re already running a beta of version 6, just select “Check for Update” to see the release notes and download the new build.

Default Folder X 5.7.7 adds support for ForkLift 4 and corrects several bugs

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

BinaryNights has ForkLift 4 in beta testing, and Default Folder X 5.7.7 includes updated support for it. When you’re using ForkLift, Default Folder X treats it as an equivalent of the Finder, showing ForkLift’s windows in its Finder-click feature and in its menu of Finder windows. You can also configure Default Folder X to open folders in ForkLift instead of the Finder when you choose them from its menus.

In addition, this release of Default Folder X addresses bugs, including a problem where file dialogs in the Brave browser would freeze if you were also running a Brave “shortcut” (Brave’s name for site-specific browsers that use its engine but run as separate apps). Other, less dramatic issues were also fixed, such as moving incorrectly through the history of recent folders after folders have been moved or deleted, a failure to recognize Finder windows immediately after your display has been reconfigured, and Default Folder X’s toolbar bezel not matching the light / dark theme of file dialogs on High Sierra and Mojave. Finally, several small problems in the version of Default Folder X available on Setapp have been fixed.

As usual, the full list of changes is available on the Default Folder X release page, along with download links for English, Japanese, French, German and Danish versions. Or if you’re already running Default Folder X, just select “Check for Update” from its menu in your menu bar to get it quickly and easily.

Default Folder X 5.5b1 supports Big Sur beta

Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Yes, yes – I’ve gotten your emails 🙂 For those of you testing the first developer release of macOS 11.0 Big Sur, there’s now a public beta version of Default Folder X 5.5 that’s compatible with it.

This release enables all of Default Folder X’s functionality in Big Sur, but DFX’s iconography and UI details haven’t yet been updated to match the Big Sur design language. It’ll get you up and running with the features you’ve grown to depend upon, and I’ll follow up later with new icons and UI tweaks specifically for Big Sur.

Visit the Default Folder X 5.5 Testing page for more info and download links!

Default Folder X 5.1.7 fixes bugs and doesn’t grouse about QQ

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

There’s an update of Default Folder X available at

It addresses several bugs, one of which is fairly significant: Save sheets could get “stuck” for up to a minute under some circumstances. It also won’t complain about the QQ chat application being incompatible if you’re running QQ version 6.1 or higher – Tencent fixed the compatibility problem in their 6.1 release.

If you’re running Default Folder X 5.1.6 or using macOS 10.13 High Sierra, make sure to download Default Folder X 5.1.7 now!

Default Folder X 5.1.6b4

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Here’s the latest beta version of Default Folder X, including a workaround for a High Sierra bug that caused Default Folder X to beachball for tens of seconds when displaying folders with lots of items in them. It also fixes a problem with “Save as PDF” dialogs not being recognized, along with correcting some graphical glitches.

For folks not using High Sierra, this build also corrects a bug that caused Default Folder X to add duplicate tags to a file when you used the tagging field that’s built into macOS Save dialogs:

Jettison 1.4.3 addresses crash when waking from sleep

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Version 1.4.3 of Jettison is now available, fixing several bugs. This includes a change to prevent Jettison from quitting unexpectedly when your Mac wakes from sleep. We recommend that anyone using Jettison update to the new version.

Please note that if you purchased Jettison from the Mac App Store, you must run Jettison once from the download image BEFORE you replace your old version in the Applications folder. This will copy your Mac App Store license so that Jettison doesn’t pester you to purchase it again.

Details and download links are on the Jettison Release Page!

BikeTown Africa Spin-a-thon

Friday, March 27th, 2009

And now for something completely different…

Some of you may already know that I’m an avid mountain biker – I have almost as many bikes as I do Macintoshes (which is a little scary).  Well, the gym I belong to is sponsoring a spin-a-thon to support the BikeTown Africa Project.  On Sunday, we’ll have a gym full of people pedaling like mad on stationary bikes for four hours to raise awareness and money for BikeTown Africa.

What’s BikeTown Africa?

Founded in 2005 by the Kona Bicycle Co., the Bristol Myers-Squibb Secure the Future Foundation, and Bicycling Magazine, the BikeTown Africa Project provides new, well-built, low-maintenance Kona AfricaBikes to home health care workers in sub-Saharan Africa to facilitate the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients.  Just $100 covers the cost of donating one bike, including training its user on maintenance and repair.  Using a bike, a health care worker can visit eight or more patients per day instead of one!

What can you do?

The Weight Club and Virginia Tech University Honors are holding the spin-a-thon on Sunday.  I’m participating and raising money from sponsors because I think this is a very worthwhile cause – it’s putting long-term, practical resources on the ground to help combat a huge health issue.

I’ve set up a page so you can sponsor me for the spin-a-thon here:

You can give as little as $5, or as much as you want in $5 increments by buying more than one of the ‘donations’.  I’m personally covering the payment processing cost, so your entire donation will be given to the BikeTown Africa Project.  The spin-a-thon is this Sunday, so please make your donation before noon on Sunday.

Update: Well, the spin-a-thon is over (hence the crossed out donation link) but thanks to readers here and to the dedication of a a lot of folks at the Weight Club and VT University Honors, we raised $7440 for BikeTown Africa!  Thank you!!

– Jon

Whither the old News page?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

If you’re looking for the old news page with all of the release notices and whatnot, it’s at New release notices, screenshots, development news, and any other random tidbits will go here, on this nifty new WordPress-driven blog.