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Default Folder X 6.1b3 beta: Support for Warp, bug fixes and less frequent reminders from Sequoia

Wednesday, July 24th, 2024

The third beta build of Default Folder X 6.1 is available, adding support for the Warp terminal app and fixing several bugs that occurred in the previous beta (and in Default Folder X 6.0.8).

The other notable change is that this build won’t trigger Sequoia’s screen recording reminders nearly as often. Sequoia puts these up several times a day if an app is capturing screen images, which Default Folder X does as part of its normal functioning. Contrary to what this alert implies, DFX isn’t doing anything nefarious, just making its manipulations of Open and Save dialogs less jarring. The details are here. I’ve reduced the frequency of the reminders by abandoning Default Folder X’s automatic detection of dark / light mode in individual Open and Save dialogs, which required capturing an image from the screen.

To explain a bit: Some apps (including QuickTime Player, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Rogue Amoeba Fission) let you change their appearance separately from the system-wide light / dark mode setting. There’s no generic way for another app like Default Folder X to tell which appearance they’re using other than taking a visual snapshot of one of the app’s file dialogs and checking to see whether it’s dark or light. I know that may sound stupid, but that’s the way macOS works – and honestly, for most normal, stand-alone applications this capability isn’t necessary, so I can understand why Apple doesn’t provide any sort of API to query an app’s appearance mode.

Anyway, without that information, Default Folder X may end up with the wrong light / dark mode for its toolbar around a file dialog, as well as for some of the controls within it – like this:

It doesn’t change the functionality that you get from Default Folder X, but it’s a bit jarring – and ugly. So, that’s the tradeoff – to stop Sequoia from whining at you every day, Default Folder X has to be less capable (and yes, I’ve filed a bug with Apple, but unless they get a lot of complaints I don’t think they’ll change this “feature” in Sequoia).

Default Folder X attempts to detect these situations using a different, application-specific method, and will currently do the right thing with the above-mentioned apps (QuickTime, Affinity apps and Fission). If you encounter this mismatch in other apps, let me know at and I’ll do my best to find a way to detect the appearance for that app.


At any rate, a full change history and download links for Default Folder X 6.1b3 are available on the Beta Testing page.

Public beta Default Folder X 6.1b2 supports Sequoia and refines web favorites

Friday, July 12th, 2024

There’s a new public beta of Default Folder X 6.1 available! In addition to updated compatibility with macOS 15 Sequoia, it improves support for web URLs that have been added as favorites. It also fixes a couple of graphical bugs.

The most useful change is the ability to go to URLs in your favorites using Quick Search. Type a bit of the name of a favorite and hit Return to open it in your browser.

Display of web URLs is better in the Favorites section of Default Folder X’s settings, and an issue with selected text appearing in the wrong color has also been fixed there. Flickering of previews in Open dialogs has also been corrected.

Note that you don’t need to be running Sequoia to use the beta – it will run on macOS 11 Big Sur and later. A full list of changes and download links is available on the Default Folder X Testing page.

Default Folder X 6.0.8 adds audio and video previews, web URL favorites and OS version checking.

Monday, July 8th, 2024

Version 6.0.8 of Default Folder X is available now, delivering several new features, plus bug fixes for recently reported problems. The big changes are playable previews of video and audio files right below Open dialogs, and the ability to store web URLs in your Favorites.

While you could always use QuickLook to preview video and audio, doing so pops up a separate window with its playback volume always set to maximum. In contrast, Default Folder X’s previews let you see the length of a recording as soon as you select it, they remember your previous volume setting, and let you quickly scrub through audio and video without opening a separate window. If you spend lots of time working with audio or video, these little details make a difference.

Adding web URLs to your Default Folder X Favorites lets you open them quickly, including assigning keyboard shortcuts to them. I really wanted this myself to access web dashboards that I use often but don’t want to leave constantly open in my browser. So there you go 🙂 Oh, and if you’ve got the Default Folder X settings window open, you can just drag URLs straight from your browser to the Favorites list.

The other new “feature” is a warning when you run Default Folder X on a system that it doesn’t support. Folks who don’t install new updates of Default Folder X right away or who are running beta versions of upcoming macOS releases will run into these alerts. Hopefully they’ll resolve the confusion, disorientation and general angst people feel when Default Folder X is missing from their Open and Save dialogs. A button takes you to a web page where you can download a newer version that works with the OS you’re running.

Default Folder X 6.0.8 also includes a few bug fixes for Quick Search, keyboard shortcuts and issues when displaying long filenames. The full change history and download links are available on the What’s New page.