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Default Folder X 5.7.6 delivers smarter toolbar theming, compatibility and bug fixes

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Version 5.7.6 of Default Folder X is available for download, offering a number of fixes and improvements.

A new addition is its ability to match the light or dark theme used in the current file dialog. If you’re running a photography, video or design app that offers a custom ‘dark mode’ even when the rest of your system is running in light mode, Default Folder X’s toolbar will no longer pop out at you in glaring white – it now matches the look of the dialog it surrounds. Yeah, it’s about time 🙄, but it took a – um – “creative” approach to finally get it implemented.

Other improvements included fixes for a number of little annoyances. Finder-click was broken in a few rare scenarios and that’s been fixed, folder switching is improved (yet again), and compatibility issues with SPSS, Raycast, SpeedDock, GraphicConverter and Luminar Neo have all been corrected. And the error that could occur when creating two new nested folders in a file dialog in quick succession has finally been eliminated.

A full list of changes is available on the Default Folder X release page, along with download links for English, Japanese, French, German and Danish versions. Or if you’re already running Default Folder X, just select “Check for Update” from its menu in your menu bar to get the latest and greatest.