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Default Folder 4.0.4 Released

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I’ve just posted a new release of Default Folder X. Version 4.0.4 doesn’t contain any major feature additions, but resolves a number of problems that have been reported in the last few weeks. Some of those problems could be serious (crashes or hangs) so all users of version 4 should update to this latest release. Just download the installer and run it – if you’re a new user, it’ll install DFX for you. If you’re an existing user, it’ll replace the version you’re already running and your existing registration number will continue to work.

Full details and download links are available on the Default Folder X Release Page along with links to localized installers in Japanese, French, German, and Danish. As always, thanks to our great bunch of localizers:

as well as Ronald Leroux, who jumped in while Philippe is on vacation to get the French version updated this time.

And, of course, thanks to all you DFX users out there who continue to send suggestions, bug reports, and encouragement!