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JUN 9 2022: Default Folder X 5.7d3 provides preliminary support for the first developer release of macOS 13 Ventura announced at WWDC this week.
MAY 27 2022: Default Folder X 5.6.6 corrects a problem that could prevent the Finder-click feature from working and make it impossible to approve Default Folder X in your Automation privacy settings.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

MAY 25 2022: Default Folder X 5.6.5 improves Finder-click, tracking of recent items, Path Finder & ForkLift compatibility and more.
MAY 11 2022: App Tamer 2.7.2 improves its menu bar icon display and addresses an issue that could prevent proper installation.
MAR 31 2022: App Tamer 2.7.1 addresses several bugs, fixes compatibility issues with Steam and Bartender, and adds localized help for French-speaking users.
MAR 2 2022: App Tamer 2.7 is now available! It introduces a new capability on M1 powered Macs. When an app is in the background, it can be run on the M1's efficiency cores instead of on the more power-hungry performance cores.
FEB 17 2022: The App Tamer 2.7b1 public beta can run apps on the efficiency cores of M1 Macs when they're in the background.
FEB 3 2022: Default Folder X 5.6.4 fixes recent file and folder tracking on OneDrive and other cloud sync services, addresses a compatibility issue with Chromium-based browsers and corrects bugs in setting the size of Save dialogs.
JAN 20 2022: App Tamer 2.6.5 delivers functional and graphical bug fixes, as well as a couple of 'expert' tweaks.
JAN 14 2022: Default Folder X 5.6.3 tracks recent files more effectively and fixes glitches and bugs in Default Folder X's user interface. \
DEC 10 2021: Jettison 1.8.4 corrects an issue with encrypted APFS disks, improves error reporting and resolves a problem with Messages.
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