April 4, 2024

Version 1.8.7 won't show hidden volumes and improves mounting disks, especially encrypted volumes.

This update is FREE if you've purchased a license for Jettison.

If you bought Jettison from St. Clair Software, just download version 1.8.67and replace your existing copy, or choose "Check for Update" from Jettison's menu in your menubar.

If you purchased Jettison through the Mac App Store, please download and run this version of Jettison once BEFORE you delete or overwrite the old copy of Jettison in your Applications folder. If Jettison is still telling you your trial period is over, please follow these instructions.

What's new in Jettison 1.8.7

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Jettison from mounting encrypted volumes on non-APFS disks.
  • Jettison now uses information from APFS to ensure that it hides volumes that should be hidden. This includes the Update volume on recovery disks and the Macintosh HD boot volume.
  • If unmounted volumes don't have a name (which happens with some pre-formatted flash drives), Jettison will assign them the name "Untitled" to be consistent with macOS.
  • Jettison would sometimes report that a disk had been mounted before it actually appeared on the Desktop. This has been fixed.
  • Improved error messages that are shown when a volume can't be unlocked or mounted.
  • Jettison no longer tries repeatedly to mount volumes that are no longer connected.
  • Disks shown in the Mount menu are always correctly sorted by name.

What was new in the recent 1.8.6 release

  • Holding the Command key down changes the "Eject" submenu in Jettison's menu to "Open", allowing you to open a disk in the Finder rather than ejecting it.
  • Error handling has been refined to resolve some timing-related failures when ejecting and remounting disks.
  • Jettison will terminate mediaanalysisd and AMPLibraryAgent before sleep to ensure they're not keeping files open on ejectable disks.
  • Disk images that are not shown on the Desktop will not be ejected. This avoids ejecting images for software updates and Xcode simulators.
  • Added checks and prompts to get approval (when necessary) to run Jettison's helper application at login on Ventura and Sonoma.
  • Jettison's helper application is listed explicitly in Ventura's Login Items list, rather than being shown as a "St. Clair Software" item.
  • Fixed a problem with Jettison giving up too easily when remounting a drive if the drive had failed to remount at some time in the past.
  • Jettison no longer tries to reload the driver for flash drives to get them to remount because that isn't possible on newer versions of macOS.
  • Corrected a bug that could cause a disk to fail to eject if Jettison was still trying to remount it after wakeup. This could result in "Could not eject disk" errors being displayed after waking your Mac from sleep.
  • Outdated references to "Serial Number" have been replaced with "License Number" to match the wording used when you purchase a license.
  • When displaying open files that prevent a disk from being ejected, filenames will be shown correctly on systems that use non-roman text.
  • Jettison now requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher. Please note: that's macOS 10.13, not macOS 13.

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