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Default Folder X improves the Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X. Its hierarchical menus, large sized previews, multiple sets of favorites, easily accessible lists of recently used folders, integration with the Finder and Spotlight, and system-wide menu for accessing frequently used files and folders save you time and frustration.
Default Folder X 5.3.2
Default Folder X J-5.3.2
Default Folder X F-5.3.2
Default Folder X D-5.3.2
Default Folder X DK-5.3.2
App Tamer tames applications that are chewing up excessive CPU time and battery life on your Mac. Its unique "AutoStop" feature will slow down or stop an application when you switch away from it, and then automatically restart it when you click back to it.
App Tamer 2.4.1
Jettison eliminates the hassle of manually ejecting external drives before you put your MacBook to sleep and remounting them when it wakes. With Jettison, you just close your MacBook, unplug and go!
Jettison 1.7.2
HistoryHound lets you do a fast keyword search on the entire content of all web pages and RSS feeds you've visited recently, plus all those you've bookmarked. It's a "personal web search." Just type in a few keywords and HistoryHound gives you a list of pages you've viewed recently, ranked by relevance.
HistoryHound 1.9.12

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