Default Folder X: What's new in this release
September 23, 2023

Default Folder X 6 is available!


Version 6 delivers new time-saving features and an updated look. It supports macOS 14 Sonoma while still running on macOS 10.13 and later.

This is a PAID UPGRADE, though there are discounts if you've bought a license in the past year.

If you have a Default Folder X license purchased on or after March 1, 2023, this upgrade is free. Your existing license number will work in version 6.

If your license was purchased between September 1, 2022 and March 1, 2023, the upgrade is $9.95. For licenses bought prior to that, upgrades are $19.95.

What's new in Default Folder X 6:

Here's a quick rundown of the major additions. Details and screenshots are on the Default Folder X 6.0 Tour page.

  • Use the keyboard to quickly access favorites, recent files, folders, apps or Finder windows. Pop up Default Folder X's new Quick Search window with a keyboard shortcut, type a few characters of an item's name, and then quickly go to it in a file dialog or open it in the Finder.
  • Wide filename field when saving files. Pretty self-explanatory - the default macOS Save As dialogs have an edit box that's way too narrow to accommodate a descriptive file name. Default Folder X 6 makes it bigger.
  • Drag and drop files and folders to Default Folder X's icon in the menu bar to move or copy them to another location. Pick a destination folder quickly from DFX's Recent and Favorites menus, or drill down to any folder using it's hierarchical menus.
  • Customize Default Folder X's menu in your menu bar. Add, remove and reorganize menus and menu items to fit your workflow.
  • Perform actions on files after saving them. Automatically open the saved file, attach it to an email, or run AppleScripts, Automator Workflows or Shortcuts on it.
  • Sync your Default Folder X settings between Macs. If you've got more than one Mac with the same file and folder organization, sync your settings via iCloud so Default Folder X works the same on both machines.
  • More powerful drawer in the Finder. Default Folder X's Finder drawer has been rewritten to be more useful and intuitive. Use it as a temporary drag-and-drop holding space, or as a location for often used files and folders.
  • Support for macOS 14 Sonoma. Yes, it's compatible with Apple's latest and greatest.

Other new features:

  • Finder label colors are shown in the menus.
  • Recently used Applications are now tracked.
  • The Finder Windows menu can now be sorted alphabetically by holding down the Option key.
  • The Option key toggles Default Folder X's menu sorting between sort-by-name and sort-by-date.
  • The path to a selected item is shown in the Info tab below Open dialogs. Click on the path to copy it.
  • Keywords from PDF files are included in the metadata shown in the Info pane below Open dialogs.
  • Finder-click optionally recognizes folders _within_ Finder windows, not just the folder associated with the Finder window itself. Enable this using Settings > Open & Save > Behavior > Choose folders within windows when you click on them.
  • Support has been added for the macOS Shortcuts app so you can query and control Default Folder X from Shortcuts.
  • Selecting "Show Item in Finder" in the Finder drawer or Drag Zone will open the item in an alternate file browser (like Path Finder) if one is configured and running.
  • Finder-click now distinguishes between Finder, ForkLift and Path Finder windows by showing the icon of the app that owns them.
  • Each time Default Folder X switches to a default folder, you'll see a reminder until you choose "don't tell me again". This should help folks who inadvertently configure a default folder and are later confused by the behavior.
  • If you assign keyboard shortcuts to Default Folder X's menus in file dialogs, those shortcuts are shown in the toolbar's tooltips.
  • When popping up a single menu using AppleScript, the menu items for Settings, About, etc will not be added to the bottom of the menu.
  • You can set up an AppleScript to provide default filenames in Save As dialogs instead of just getting "Untitled". This can be used to add the current date to the default name, apply a standard naming convention for certain documents, etc.
  • Default Folder X's ShowMenu AppleScript command now has an option to show a Recent Apps menu.
  • Added more detail to the command descriptions in the AppleScript scripting dictionary.
  • Improved support for the "increase contrast" mode that's available in System Settings > Accessibility > Display.

Improvements to the Settings user interface:

  • Settings have been reorganized to make them easier to navigate and understand.
  • Settings for recent items, including excluding recent items within certain folders, have been given their own tab in the Settings window.
  • You can reorder folder sets in Default Folder X > Settings > Folders > Edit Folder Sets. They can be dragged up and down in the list or moved using the arrow buttons.
  • Favorites and default folders can be copied or moved between folder sets via a contextual menu in Settings > Folders.
  • The Edit Folder Sets window is resizable and supports multiple selection (Command+click) for reordering and removing folder sets.
  • You can turn on the tracking of recent items for cloud sync services on a service-by-service basis. When turned on, items synced from the cloud are treated as if you opened them.
  • In Settings > Folders you can now select multiple favorites or default folders when reordering, deleting or showing them in the Finder.
  • Favorite and default folders in Settings > Folders are now grayed out if they refer to a folder that's been deleted or moved.
  • Added an option in Default Folder X > Settings > Menus to show items with color tags at the top of menus.
  • There's a keyboard shortcut to move keyboard focus to the file listing in Open and Save dialogs.

Bug fixes:

  • Switching between folders in Open and Save dialogs is more reliable.
  • Fixed the assignment of keyboard shortcuts in Recent menus so they're on the correct items when menus are sorted by name rather than by date.
  • If a minimized Save dialog pops up, Default Folder X usually maximizes it for you. It will not do so if that causes the dialog to extend past the sides or bottom of the screen.
  • The Finder toolbar menu no longer includes "About Default Folder X", Settings and other application-level items.
  • Changes to the system Light / Dark Mode are immediately applied when there's a file dialog open.
  • Revealing an alias in the Finder will correctly reveal the alias file rather than the target of the alias.
  • Editing dates in the Info pane below Open dialogs works more smoothly.
  • When selecting a destination for the Copy, Move, and Create Alias commands, choosing a folder from the Recent Folders menu now correctly switches to that folder.
  • Resolved an issue with Default Folder X stalling when Safari sleeps or hangs while loading a web page.
  • Creating a new, empty folder set and then immediately creating a duplicate works correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in which hierarchical menus could show iCloud Drive nested within itself.
  • Disk space is no longer shown in menus in the Computer submenu because disk space no longer has meaning under APFS.
  • Fixed the "Mirror recent and favorite items in ~/Library" feature so it works correctly for filenames that have a '/' character in them.
  • Worked around a bug in the Bay ROES app that prevented it from launching when Default Folder X was running.

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As a long-term Mac user, i have installed demo software beyond count. Yours is one of the few that I've seen the worth in investing in.
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It's one of those programs that I wonder how I lived without for so long. Before I was constantly clicking through directories every time I wanted to open, save or attach a file. Now I do almost everything in just a few clicks.
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