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Jettison 1.8: Compatibility with Big Sur and Carbon Copy Cloner, better handling of Music and Photos, improved unlocking of encrypted disks and more

Monday, August 24th, 2020

Jettison 1.8 wears a new icon and is now a universal application, running natively on both Intel- and Apple Silicon-powered hardware on any system from Mavericks to Big Sur. It also includes a number of improvements and fixes to smooth the ejecting and remounting of external disks on all Macs.

Before your Mac goes to sleep, Jettison will now quit software that may prevent disks from being ejected, then relaunches whatever was running when the machine wakes back up. This includes Music, iTunes, Photos, Time Machine, Spotlight and their many helper processes. When your Mac wakes, Jettison will also do a better job of unlocking encrypted disks so they can be remounted, so the whole process is more reliable.

This release also fixes a conflict with Carbon Copy Cloner that prevented CCC from mounting disks to perform backups while the machine was asleep. And an issue that could cause Jettison not to correctly load its preferences after a system restart has been fixed, along with some problems with unmounting and remounting network server volumes.

A list of changes and links to download Jettison 1.8 are on the Jettison release page.

App Tamer 2.5.2 supports Big Sur and Do Not Disturb, gives insight into background processes

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Version 2.5.2 of App Tamer is now available. It smooths out a few rough edges on Big Sur. It also respects the Do Not Disturb setting in Notification Center when it comes to warning you about apps using too much CPU.

Of interest to the curious: This release offers a new “Get Info” icon in the settings popup for many macOS system processes like WindowServer, trustd, iconservicesagent and bluetoothd.

Clicking the icon will show a system-supplied description of the process, which may help you understand what that process does, why it might be using a lot of CPU, and whether it’s safe to slow it down. Or it might not, since some of the descriptions themselves are pretty cryptic. Please remember that this information is supplied by the system, not by App Tamer, so I probably can’t help explain what an “SDP transaction” is 🙂

App Tamer 2.5.2 also contains a few bug fixes and some changes in terminology that make it clearer which processes are displayed in App Tamer’s process lists. Full details and download links are on the App Tamer release page.