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Default Folder X 6.0a1: Now in alpha testing

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

Version 6 of Default Folder X is gaining steam! I just posted the first alpha release, meaning it’s close to being feature-complete. There’s now a dedicated page explaining the new features, so I won’t rehash them again here. I do have to say I find the Quick Search feature and expanded filename fields to be essential now that I’ve been using them 😁

Release notes and download links for the latest build are on the Default Folder X Testing page. Please send feedback (suggestions, bug reports, and anything in between) to

HistoryHound 2.3.4 adds Arc support, improves contextual menus and fixes indexing issue

Monday, April 10th, 2023

HistoryHound 2.3.4 is available, updating our “personal web search” app with support for the Arc browser. This release also improves the contextual menus shown when you Control+click in HistoryHound’s search results or index window, and fixes an issue with indexing the content of some websites.

If you’re not familiar with HistoryHound, it’s an app that allows you to search the content of web pages you’ve visited or bookmarked. It creates a search index based on your web browsing history (even if you use multiple browsers), letting you find pages you’ve seen before while maintaining your privacy by keeping all data and searches on your Mac.

Full release notes and download links are available on the HistoryHound release page.