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HistoryHound 1.9.5b1

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

HistoryHound 1.9.5 is finally getting close to finished!  With the public release of 1.9.5b1 we’ve got support for NetNewsWire and other WebKit-based apps working well again, as well as further speed increases in downloading, indexing and searching. You can find things you’ve looked at before, no matter which standalone or embedded browser you were using at the time.

Existing HistoryHound users already know how powerful its targeted searching can be – for those of you who haven’t tried HistoryHound, get the scoop at or download the beta directly from

Default Folder X 4.0.8 Released

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Default Folder X 4.0.8 was just released, delivering a few bug fixes and enhanced tracking of recent folders.  Ostensibly this fixes compatibility issues with Bias Peak and QuickBooks Pro, but may also affect other applications, so you should update even if you don’t use Peak or QuickBooks.