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Default Folder X 6.0d24 previews new drag-and-drop and quick search features

Monday, February 27th, 2023

I’m pretty excited about this preview release of Default Folder X 6 – it includes two new features that have really boosted productivity for me personally.

First, you can now drag and drop files and folders onto Default Folder X’s icon in your menu bar to copy or move them anywhere. Default Folder X pops up its main menu so you can show it where the dropped items should go. Select a folder from your Favorites, Recent Folders, or anywhere in the filesystem by navigating with DFX’s hierarchical menus. Once you choose a folder, the item is moved or copied, and the destination folder is opened to show you the item’s new location.

Dragging a Read Me file to Default Folder X’s icon, then using its menu to move it to the Sample Files folder.

Second, Default Folder X’s new keyboard-driven mode has gotten smarter. To review a bit, there’s a “quick search” window that pops up with a keyboard shortcut. You type in a few letters, and it shows you all your recently-used folders, files and apps that match what you typed. For me, this gets me to 90% of the items I want with a couple of keypresses.

Now, however, the list of results shows a “>” button next to folders. Clicking on that or hitting the Right Arrow key on the keyboard “drills down” into that folder to show its contents, and then typing a few more letters matches items within the folder.

As before, hitting the Return key opens whatever is selected, but now you can also Control-click a result to get a contextual menu so you can Open, Reveal or Copy the item’s path. If it’s a folder, the contextual menu also includes a Contents submenu that lets you more rapidly descend into subfolders using Default Folder X’s hierarchical menus.

Honestly, the best way to understand it is just to try it for yourself. Download the latest build and launch it. The accompanying Read Me file contains more details on setting up and using the new features, though they pretty much just work. Hit Command+Option+Spacebar to invoke the quick search window – that’s all you really need to know.

Default Folder X 5.7.5 fixes Finder-click and file dialog bugs

Monday, February 27th, 2023

I released a quick bug-fix of Default Folder X a week ago (sorry for not posting then, but I’ve been sick). Version 5.7.5 fixed two bugs:

  1. The Finder-click feature wouldn’t recognize open Finder windows in some Mac configurations. This was due to a change I made in a previous update where I refactored an underlying library and made the criteria tighter for “matching” an open window to its underlying Finder window. The change made no difference in my test cases, but there are apparently a few Desktop configurations in which the matching didn’t work. So now we’re back to the way it was.
  2. Folder switching in Open and Save dialogs would sometimes fail on macOS 13.2 Ventura (and would stay stuck in that failure mode until you quit and relaunched Default Folder X). This was due to the fact that a bug in Ventura always returns an error for one API call, making it impossible for DFX to tell whether that call has succeeded or not. I worked around this the best I could, but Default Folder X would sometimes think the call had succeeded when it hadn’t, causing it to get stuck in an error state. This is now fixed in v5.7.5. And happily, Apple has actually fixed the underlying bug in Ventura for macOS 13.3, so the whole mess won’t be an issue in another month.

If you’re already running Default Folder X, just choose Check for Update from its menu in your menu bar to get the new version. If not, you can grab it from the Default Folder X release page.