Default Folder X 5.7.7 adds support for ForkLift 4 and corrects several bugs

BinaryNights has ForkLift 4 in beta testing, and Default Folder X 5.7.7 includes updated support for it. When you’re using ForkLift, Default Folder X treats it as an equivalent of the Finder, showing ForkLift’s windows in its Finder-click feature and in its menu of Finder windows. You can also configure Default Folder X to open folders in ForkLift instead of the Finder when you choose them from its menus.

In addition, this release of Default Folder X addresses bugs, including a problem where file dialogs in the Brave browser would freeze if you were also running a Brave “shortcut” (Brave’s name for site-specific browsers that use its engine but run as separate apps). Other, less dramatic issues were also fixed, such as moving incorrectly through the history of recent folders after folders have been moved or deleted, a failure to recognize Finder windows immediately after your display has been reconfigured, and Default Folder X’s toolbar bezel not matching the light / dark theme of file dialogs on High Sierra and Mojave. Finally, several small problems in the version of Default Folder X available on Setapp have been fixed.

As usual, the full list of changes is available on the Default Folder X release page, along with download links for English, Japanese, French, German and Danish versions. Or if you’re already running Default Folder X, just select “Check for Update” from its menu in your menu bar to get it quickly and easily.

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