Default Folder X 6.0a3 improves Quick Search and iCloud Sync

A new build of Default Folder X 6 is available for testing. If you’re just getting on board, this is a preview release of the next version of Default Folder X, which includes a number of major new features. There’s a full description of the new features here, including instructions for configuring and using them (one of the things still coming is the on-boarding when you run it for the first time).

Version 6.0a3 brings a host of refinements to the new Quick Search feature, including support for non-roman languages and non-English-speaking locales. Searching is also more responsive, user interaction is much smoother – it just works better all around. Please give Quick Search a try and let me know what you think!

I’ve also addressed issues with the synchronization of Default Folder X’s settings between multiple Macs over iCloud. There’s still testing to be done here – mostly in terms of detecting and diagnosing iCloud configuration problems. I’d welcome more people who have an identical (or similar) file and folder structure on two different Macs and want to have your recent and favorite items up-to-date and available on both machines.

6.0a3 also brings bug fixes and support for the beta version of ForkLift 4, and support for older versions of macOS (I’ve tested as far back as Mojave so far, but it should work fine on High Sierra too). A full list of changes is on the Default Folder X Testing page, and you can download it directly here.

2 Responses to “Default Folder X 6.0a3 improves Quick Search and iCloud Sync”

  1. Robert says:

    Free Trial?

    Are you kidding? No! I just want my Mac to work like normal!

    Default Folder X is SOOOOOO Mac-like that users like me, who have been using Mac since 1997, think that this software is part of the current Mac OS X, no matter the OS version.

    So when I was just setting up my new Mac Mini M2Pro, I could not find the correct settings so I would see a preview of a file when clicking on it automatically, rather than having to right-click onto it and choose that option via Quick View.

    Then I finally remembered this is the amazing feature of using Default Folder X. Of course, I had to upgrade the app in order to use it with Ventura, but is it SOOOOO worth the price. I’ve been using a Mac since 1997 and Default Folder X since 2008 and it truly feels like it is part of the Apple Mac OSX.

    • Jon says:

      Haha! Glad you’re up and running _properly_ again 😁 Thanks for the kind words – it’s great to hear that Default Folder X is still an essential part of your Mac experience.

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