App Tamer 2.7.7: Getting back to square one

Version 2.7.7 of App Tamer is available. It now includes a button to reset all of its process taming settings back to their defaults, so if you’ve made lots of adjustments and things just aren’t working as you wanted, it’s easy to go back to square one and start over.

App Tamer 2.7.7 also addresses problems when running Windows applications via Parallels Desktop in Parallels’ “Coherence Mode”, updates some of its default settings, and corrects bugs that have been reported since the last release.

For details and download links, go to the What’s New in App Tamer page. Or if you’re already running App Tamer, just select “Check for Update” from its menu to get the new version.

2 Responses to “App Tamer 2.7.7: Getting back to square one”

  1. june says:

    thank for update.

    anyway, your release note tell bout catalina and mojave, but actually 2.7.7 required ventura.
    i’m using monterey, can’t open 2.7.7.

    • Jon says:

      I’m sorry for the trouble. I was testing App Tamer on Sonoma and apparently the beta version of Xcode on Sonoma modified the project to require 13.3 (or I sleepily did so myself in the process of building). When I built the release version back on Ventura the setting stayed that way 🙁

      Here’s a fixed copy:

      My apologies for the problem.

      – Jon

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