Default Folder X 6.0a6 : macOS 14 Sonoma support and better folder set management

The latest preview release of Default Folder X 6 offers preliminary support for macOS 14 Sonoma, which Apple made available as a developer preview at WWDC.

Default Folder X 6.0a6 also gives you better management of folder sets. Folder sets are a frequently-missed feature that some users find invaluable when switching between multiple workflows, clients, or projects. Since it’s frequently-missed, these changes won’t excite all Default Folder X users, but I know some of you have been asking for this repeatedly. You can now keep folder sets in whatever order you want, not just sorted alphabetically, and managing them is easy with multi-select and drag-and-drop:

Version 6.0a6 also adds multi-select to Default Folder X’s menu customization dialog, making it quicker to reorganize DFX’s menu in your menu bar, as well as addressing several bugs.

As usual, if you’re already running an earlier preview build of Default Folder X 6, just select “Check for Update” from its menu. If you’re new to Default Folder X 6, you can get more info and grab a copy from the Default Folder X Testing page.

7 Responses to “Default Folder X 6.0a6 : macOS 14 Sonoma support and better folder set management”

  1. Alex Armendano says:

    In my computer (Macbook Air 2022 M2) the OS shows that the app is screen sharing

  2. Daron Brewood says:

    Hmm the issue is still there with the RC build of Sonoma. This is with the SetApp version of Default Folder X…

    • Jon says:

      Well, Sonoma no longer says “Default Folder X is sharing your screen” – it accurately says “is capturing your screen”. But yes, this is what Apple intends for Sonoma, so that’s the way it’s going to be. As it says in the Default Folder X FAQ, DFX briefly uses screenshots to hide some of the things it’s doing in Open and Save dialogs. Because it’s capturing an image of a file dialog from another app, Sonoma is going to put up that warning. There’s nothing I can do about that – capturing those images is necessary for Default Folder X to do what it does (and has been doing that for years – Sonoma is just now calling attention to all apps that use this trick, which apparently includes DockMate and AltTab).

  3. BerndK says:

    Doesn’t work here. Mac OS 14.3. iMac 2019 Intel.
    Still asking for permission but permissions are already checked.
    I just have the option to quit without authorization or open the security settings.

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