Finally! Default Folder X 5.0 Released!


Default Folder X 5.0 is finally done and out! You can get it from now. A quick list of the new features is at, though there’s so much new and improved that it’s impossible to really list it all. It’s a ground-up rewrite that brings in all the improvements I’ve wanted to do for years.

Important details, for those of you who haven’t been following the betas:

  • It’s fully compatible with El Capitan and doesn’t require that you turn System Integrity Protection off anymore.
  • Yes, it’s a paid upgrade. It’s $14.95 unless you bought your license on or after June 1, 2015.
  • There are more features that are on the way – I held back a few in order to get 5.0 out sooner.
  • Localization in other languages still needs to be done – that’s a high priority now.
  • Version 5 also runs on Yosemite, but not on earlier versions of OS X.
  • If you turned off System Integrity Protection to use version 4 on El Capitan, you can turn it back on now.

One Response to “Finally! Default Folder X 5.0 Released!”

  1. Brian B. says:

    $14.95? That’s outrageous! First I paid full price for 2.x. (Don’t recall the year.) Then I paid $14.95 for an upgrade to 3.x back in 2006. Now I have to pay another $14.95 for an upgrade that likely required a significant (if not “ground up”) re-write of the software to be compatible with an operating system released nine years later?

    Ok, ok. Hopefully everyone is sensing my attempt at a little ‘net humor and extreme sarcasm here. (And got a little chuckle in the process.)

    Congrats and thanks to Jon for the open beta approach this time around, keeping the upgrade costs extremely reasonable (not even a cost of inflation since circa 2006), and for all the years of providing and maintaining this brilliant software utility! 🙂

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