Default Folder X 5.0b14 – it’s just about done!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

I just posted beta 14 of Default Folder X 5 – it squashes a bunch of miscellaneous bugs and now checks your serial number. If you bought your version 4.x license (full or upgrade) after June 1, 2015, it’ll automatically give you a free upgrade to version 5.

My bug list is down to just a couple, so it’s looking good for release in the first week of January. Thanks for your patience – this has been a much longer beta period than I expected. Despite a few bugs that have trickled in over the last couple of weeks, I’m very happy that the feedback has been extremely positive, with Default Folder X working trouble-free for most of the people who are running it.

There are a few issues, of course – one being a bug in Photoshop that renders Default Folder X inoperative in the Save for Web dialog. I’m afraid there’s not much I can do with it until Adobe fixes Accessibility support in that dialog (my bug report is here, if you’d like to “me too” it in hopes of making it more of a priority in Adobe’s eyes).

Anyway, Merry Christmas! I’m taking the day off to go skiing – you should get away from your computer too 🙂

15 Responses to “Default Folder X 5.0b14 – it’s just about done!”

  1. John Strung says:

    Does Lightroom have the same bug as Photoshop?

    • Jon says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know – I haven’t received any bug reports involving Lightroom, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t share the same problem. I’d appreciate it if you’d try it and let me know the results (I don’t have Lightroom, obviously).

  2. Mayhem says:

    Is Finder tab support broken in beta 18? It worked this morning when I was on beta 16, now it doesn’t and the only explanation I can think of is upgrading to beta 18…

    • Mayhem says:

      And now it magically started working again. While I did restart DFX inbetween that made no immediate difference, but now it works. Gotta be somehow related to the specific currently displayed windows/folders… strange…

      • Jon says:

        Default Folder X may not yet have a list of the Finder windows and tabs if it’s the first thing you access after starting up the app. Once you switch to or away from the Finder (or Path Finder) or make any changes to a window in the Finder, it’ll load the list. Default Folder X avoids querying the Finder when it first launches to minimize its activity during the normal login process.

        • Mayhem says:

          Well I’ve figured out how to reproduce this issue, seems it is somehow related to displaying bundle contents. Right-click an application in the Finder and selecting Show Package Contents seems to consistently break Default Folder X tab integration until the tab which displays those contents is closed. Strange…!

          • Jon says:

            It seems to be working for me even after I Show Package Contents of an application. When you say “Finder tab support is broken” what do you mean? Is there nothing shown in the Finder Window menu, does Finder-click not work, or something else?

          • Mayhem says:

            In this case “broken” would mean the contextual menu is only showing a single entry for the currently visible tab rather than a list of all tabs for the window. Seems I cannot quite reproduce it any longer, strange but good I suppose…!

          • Jon says:

            Please let me know if it recurs. I suspect there’s something going on there… Oh! Default Folder X won’t show tabs that don’t have an associated folder – so it won’t show a tab if it’s display spotlight search results (including All My Files). Is that it?

  3. David says:

    I’m on beta 18 and I just discovered the drawer button. I thought it wasn’t working, then I discovered that it doesn’t work for some finder items, like AirDrop, All My Files, and Tags. Is this a known issue?

    • Jon says:

      Yes, that’s already on my bug list. I’m going to address it after the 5.0 release because fixing it has the potential to introduce bugs in Default Folder X’s Finder window handling code.

      Basically, Default Folder X ignores any Finder window that doesn’t represent a real folder. AirDrop, All My Files, and Tags are all windows containing search results, not the contents of a single, physical folder – for the rest of DFX’s Finder window handling, it makes sense to ignore them since DFX can’t navigate to them. But for the drawer, yes, they should be on Default Folder X’s radar.

  4. HUKAYA Sitosi says:

    Even now often Default Folder X becomes “Not Responding”. Specially using with Safari. It had never happend with ver. 4.x.

    • Jon says:

      Are you using App Tamer or anything else that stops some processes in the background?

      • HUKAYA Sitosi says:

        > Are you using App Tamer

        I’m not using “App Tamer”.

        > or anything else that stops some processes in the background?

        I don’t know which is those. I’m using “iStat Menus” which is may be similar with “App Tamer”. Anyway it never caused conflikt with Default Folder X ver. 4.x.

        • Jon says:

          OK – thanks. The reason I’m asking is that, because Default Folder X now uses the Accessibility API’s (which is new in version 5) it is possible for it to hang if one of the applications it’s talking to via the Accessibility API’s hangs. I was trying to determine if anything had stopped any of the running applications, since that _could_ cause a hang (but that’s not a sure thing).

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