App Tamer 2.1 for El Capitan

In the midst of Default Folder X 5 development, I’ve taken a little time to update App Tamer, which also fell prey to El Capitan’s new System Integrity Protection restrictions.

App Tamer 2.1 now uses libproc internally to get CPU usage statistics, which means it plays nicely with El Capitan. This version also includes updated app configurations for compatibility with the latest versions of NetNewsWire, the App Store app, Go for Facebook, Leaf, Reeder and Fluid browsers.

The update is free if you’ve already got a license for App Tamer 2.x, and $7.95 if you’re still using App Tamer 1.x.

More information and download links are on the App Tamer Release page.

2 Responses to “App Tamer 2.1 for El Capitan”

  1. Yves RICIMELLO says:


    When App Tamer is running and I hide an app, the app comes foreground again.

    best regards


    MacBook Pro Retina, El Capitan, App Tamer 2.1.

    • Jon says:

      Does this stop happening when you turn off “Hide applications when they are stopped” in your App Tamer preferences?

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