Default Folder 4.7.4 : Updates for TypeIt4Me, bug fixes and El Capitan SIP detection

Version 4.7.4 of Default Folder X is now available, bringing several compatibility updates such as support for the latest version of  TypeIt4Me. If you’re running El Capitan, it will also detect System Integrity Protection (SIP) and let you know that Default Folder X is only compatible with El Capitan if you turn SIP off. Of course, if you’re here reading this, you already know that and don’t need the warning message, do you? In any case, details and download links are on the Default Folder X Release Page.

Speaking of El Capitan, I’ve now put together a longer explanation about what’s going on with System Integrity Protection, how to turn it off and why the current version of Default Folder X needs it turned off – you can read it here.

Happily, version 5 of Default Folder X is coming along well and we’re using development versions of it in-house. I wish I could just wave my hands and have it finished, but with something like Default Folder X there’s quite a bit of experimentation and invention involved in the development process. Some features work as expected, while others uncover bugs in OS X or quirky behavior that then requires a day or two of wrangling to get working right. It can be a frustrating process, but is exciting when things start coming together and really working well – and I’m getting to that point 🙂

Anyway, grab version 4.7.4 of Default Folder X and I’ll keep you posted on the progress of DFX 5. Oh, and just to make our policy clear, the version 5 upgrade will be free to anyone who purchases version 4 now.

– Jon

24 Responses to “Default Folder 4.7.4 : Updates for TypeIt4Me, bug fixes and El Capitan SIP detection”

  1. Glenn Fleishman says:

    Interestingly, I have Default Folder working in El Capitan GM with SIP turned *on*. But it was an upgrade of a system, rather than a fresh DF installation.

    • Jon says:

      Does it work in all applications, or only in some of them? SIP _should_ make it impossible for Default Folder X to load in any Apple-signed applications (TextEdit, Safari, Mail, etc) but it’ll still work in non-protected apps like Chrome, Word, etc.

  2. Glenn Fleishman says:

    That’s a great question. It works in Firefox, BBEdit, but not Tweetbot, Pages 5, etc. Interesting. Walp, I’ll have to turn off SIP at some point.

  3. Jon says:

    Yep – that’s the issue. I can add you to my first-round beta testers for v5, if you like. I’m pretty confident you’d give me plenty of feedback and are savvy enough that you can deal with a few workarounds if there are rough edges in the early test builds.

  4. Tony Aguila says:

    Ever since installing 10.11.1 Mail would not run with System Integrity Protection disabled. I had no choice but re-enable it and turn off DFX.

  5. Mayhem says:

    Will DFX 5 finally receive any form of support for Finder tabs? It drives me totally insane when I try to click a Finder window only to notice I had the wrong tab selected, have to switch out to Finder, select the correct tab, go back into whatever application I tried to save a document in and try again. Perhaps the simplest way to solve this would be to display a list of tabs when right-/control-clicking on a Finder window, though I’m sure it could be done even more intuitively if given some thought.

  6. Jamie McKee says:

    Won’t upgrade until DF is compatible without turning SIP off. Willing to test if you’re looking for users. Regardless, thanks for thee most essential utility on the Mac!

  7. mat says:

    Cant wait for Version 5!

    One of the most useful Apps. (AKA I cant believe its not built in into OS X)

  8. Scott Steinman says:

    I’ve been using DF since its early (pre-OS X) versions. I’d love to beta test DF 5 if you need testers.

  9. Mike Hixson says:

    I’ve been a long time user of default folder and I’m really missing it. I’d happily be a beta tester and provide feedback. Thanks for making such a useful product.

  10. yesyesyes says:

    any new?

  11. Shannon says:

    Things got quiet. Any word on when you might have DFX 5 ready? I had to upgrade to 10.11 to support clients for other things and miss DFX like crazy. Like several others here, I’ve been using it since pre-OSX days.

    • Jon says:

      It’s quiet because I’ve got my head down, working as fast as I can on getting it done 🙂

      As is typical with Default Folder X, nothing is easy. I’ve run into various interesting problems along the way, but it’s progressing well. I’ll summarize in a blog post later today (where “today” extends til about 4 am these days…)

  12. Todd says:

    I think I speak for many of your supporters who really looking forward to getting DF back on our machines. As a pre-OSX user I am reminded 30 plus times per day how wonderful your work has been over so many years and how much time I am losing every day operating without DF.

    I will not upgrade my wife’s machine until DF 5 is released. She would kill me.

  13. Shannon says:

    Are we getting closer? It’s been over a month since the El Capitan release and two weeks since any word from you. I don’t want to nag, but … something?

  14. Jon says:

    Putting together a status post now. Almost there.

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