Another new Jettison 1.5 beta build

I’ve posted an updated build that fixes a crash and a few volume-loading issues since the last beta:

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  1. Pierre Chapuis says:

    For me this beta 11 works fine with my nifty card on El Capitan.
    With the 1.4.3 release I had some issues when remounting the nifty card.

    Will the final 1.5 version be available soon ?

    Great work, thanks.

    • Jon says:

      Yes, I’ll try and get 1.5 out soon. I’m chasing down a couple of issues with El Capitan.

      • Adrian says:

        That sounds great Jon. I love the app, but have also found some issues when running the stable or this beta build with El Capitan. It unmounts the drives fine, but it doesn’t seem to remount them from sleep…

  2. Pierre Chapuis says:


    Your new version of Jettison works fine for me on El Capitan 10.11.3.

    I just want to report a very little issue: After sleeping mode, when you have to write your session password… if your password is wrong -> after writing the true password my Nifty doesn’t want to re-mount.

    Best regards

  3. Pierre Chapuis says:

    Great, thank you. I will try this new build.

    • Pierre Chapuis says:


      Just for a feedback, your bêta 1.5.1d2 works fine for me regarding the session password.

      If I write the true password or a wrong password the Nifty card remounts in both cases 🙂

      Thank you !

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