Default Folder X 6.0b5: T-minus two weeks and counting…

Apple announced yesterday that macOS 14 Sonoma will be released on September 26. That’s a little earlier than I’d anticipated, but version 6 of Default Folder X – which will be necessary on Sonoma – should be ready by then.

Today, the 6.0b5 public beta of Default Folder X is available and includes more improvements and fixes. The expanded filename edit field in Save dialogs now animates to its larger size, and the toolbar appearance settings include a more logical array of options to get the look you want.

Most importantly, the 6.0b5 build includes a number of bug fixes to address various problems, including making switching between folders in Open and Save dialogs faster and more reliable.

If you’re already running a beta version of Default Folder X, just choose “Check for Update” from its menu in your menu bar. Otherwise, you can read the full release notes and download the latest build on the Default Folder X Testing page.

Back to work!

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  1. Sean says:

    It would be really good if you did a video on the features of 6. I bought the upgrade but the documentation is boring for some of us to read.

    Video is so much better. I really, really, really hope you can put in the time so we can use it as it should be used.

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