Default Folder X 5.2.4: A fix for a bug in the Recent Files menu

If you’ve used the Recent Files menu to attach files to email messages in, you may have noticed a big problem afterwards. Default Folder X would start ignoring requests to switch to other folders – no matter what you selected from the Favorites or Recent Folders menus, the file dialog wouldn’t go where you asked it to.

Version 5.2.4 fixes this bug – my apologies for letting the problem sneak through the testing process in the first place. Despite having a group of testers hammering on version 5.2.3 for several weeks, this one slipped by because I actually added the bug in the process of fixing another one fairly late in the testing period. Oops 🙁

Anyway, choose “Check for Updates” in your current copy of Default Folder X to have it download the new version, or hop over to the Default Folder X release page for details and download links.

3 Responses to “Default Folder X 5.2.4: A fix for a bug in the Recent Files menu”

  1. Thomas Rohde says:

    Thanks for your untiring effort to provide us with this invaluable software! ❤️

    Tom in Germany

  2. Carl says:

    I would like to update DefaultFolder to the last one compatible with MacOs 10.12.4. where will I find the file?

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