Default Folder X 5.0b2 is now up, with a bunch of fixes.

Thanks to everyone that’s given me input and bug reports on the first public beta of Default Folder X 5. There’s now a new build based on your feedback – you can can click “Check for Updates” if you’re already running 5.0b1, or grab it from:

If you submitted a bug or feature that’s not in yet, that doesn’t mean I’m not listening. I was just anxious to get this build out because it fixes several big problems that affect quite a few people.

I’m particularly happy that I was able to find the bizarre one that was causing the Save button to stop working in save dialogs. It’s actually a bug in OS X that Default Folder X was triggering – get this: If a file dialog is showing the contents of a folder and you tell it to show the contents of that same folder, the Save button stops working. Who knew? So the hugely complicated fix was just to make sure that Default Folder X checks to see what the current folder is, then just does nothing if the file dialog is already showing the folder it wants to go to (which it really should have been doing all along in the interest of efficiency anyway).

You can reproduce the bug by hand pretty simply (turn off Default Folder X before doing this – otherwise its Finder-click feature will get in the way):

  1. Run TextEdit
  2. Create a document
  3. Choose File -> Save
  4. Switch to the Finder and drag any folder into the file dialog to make the dialog show that folder
  5. Drag that same folder to the file dialog again
  6. Now try to click the Save button. It doesn’t work!

Pretty cool, eh? Not really >:( This has been stressing me out for a couple of days because I had no idea what was going on. Glad it turned out to be easy to fix after a bunch of you helped me track it down and reproduce it here. It’s really nice when beta testing works like it’s supposed to 🙂

So thanks everyone! And keep the feedback coming.

– Jon

9 Responses to “Default Folder X 5.0b2 is now up, with a bunch of fixes.”

  1. Ian says:

    I updated, and now the app won’t launch. I get a “The application “Default Folder X” is not open anymore.” error.

  2. stargoose says:

    Nice! One question (maybe dumb). What does the drawer button in the finder do?

    • Jon says:

      It slides out a little drawer below the frontmost Finder window. You can drag items to it, then switch to another window and drag that item into a different window. It’s the same as dragging an item directly from one Finder window to another, but you can add a bunch of things at once, or stash them in the drawer for later use.

      • stargOOse says:

        Neat! Works on my MacBook Air. On my MacPro nothing unfolds. I uninstalled everything. Still nothing unfolds. Maybe some interaction with another program?

  3. stargOOse says:

    Ha! After restarting the system it worked. Thx! Nice feature!

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