Default Folder X 5 Public Beta is up!

Here it is!

Please read the list of what’s still to be implemented. Then download it and let me know how it goes. Thanks for your patience!!

– Jon

7 Responses to “Default Folder X 5 Public Beta is up!”

  1. Cuk says:



    It works fine in the open and save dialogues.

    But I don’t understand something: the interface in the Finder don’t appear around the windows, like in your capture.

    Is not yet implemented?

    Thank you for your work.


    • Jon says:

      The white bezel with the toolbar on it only goes around Open and Save dialog. In your DFX5 preferences (General), turn on the menu button and drawer button for the Finder’s toolbars – that’ll give you Default Folder X in the Finder, but with a minimal UI to keep it out of the way.

      The screenshots showing the white bezel are all pics of Open or Save dialogs.

  2. Jamie McKee says:

    If we had 4.7.4 running under El Capitan (because it still provided some functionality), do we need to remove its Preference Pane after installing 5?

    • Jon says:

      Yes, you should remove the v4.7.4 preference pane from System Preferences (just right-click on it in the System Preferences window and choose “Remove” from the menu). The next beta build will offer to remove v4 for you.

  3. Larsen says:

    Hooray! Let the games begin. First bug reports will follow. 😎

  4. RPNavarro says:

    5b works well thus far. This was the most missed workflow app after El Cap was loaded. I had to bandaid my launcher to poorly sub for DFX. Thank you for providing the beta; I cannot work happily without DFX. Congrats on what appears to be a great upgrade.

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