Default Folder X 4.3 Is Available!

Default Folder X 4.3 sports Snow Leopard compatibility and a number of other enhancements and fixes.  You can get it from the Default Folder X release page.

IMPORTANT: There’s a bug in older versions of Default Folder X that can cause crashes while you’re using the hierarchical path menu if you’re running Mac OS 10.6.  Make sure to install this update before you upgrade to Snow Leopard!

And now that we’ve got that dire warning out of the way, there are a couple of geeky little additions in this release that I’m partial to:

  • You can globally set a minimum file dialog size and column width. Use these commands in terminal to set the values:

    defaults write com.stclairsoft.DefaultFolderX minimumSize.width 800

    defaults write com.stclairsoft.DefaultFolderX minimumSize.height 600

    defaults write com.stclairsoft.DefaultFolderX minimumSize.columnWidth 250

    Change the numbers at the end of the commands to the sizes you want to use (in pixels).

  • You can list items in hierarchical menus chronologically rather than alphabetically by holding down the Control key.

Take a look at the release page for details about all of the changes.

4 Responses to “Default Folder X 4.3 Is Available!”

  1. David says:

    Hey really nice about the early Snow Leopard compatibility. Just one thing that I would like to point out, Default folder X does not work when say I want to attach a file in the Gmail, or another webservice via the web interface in Safari (64bit).
    I don’t remember how it was before but I just noticed it.

    Thank’s for a great application.
    – David

  2. Wes says:


    I’ve been having problems with apps crashing immediately after I open a file via File | Open on my MBP running Snow Leopard. I saw DFX in the stack and decided to disable it, and indeed they are no longer crashing. Have you seen this, or heard of anyone else having this problem? I’m running the release of Snow Leopard, with DFX 4.3.

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