80% savings on DFX, DragThing, and more

A couple of months ago Steve Becker, a fellow indie software developer, approached a number of us about putting together a different kind of software bundle. His concept was to take a grass-roots, “farmers’ market” approach:  Bring a software bundle straight from the developers to you.

Usually, bundles are not assembled and marketed by the developers, but by someone else who does the advertising, marketing and payment processing.  Those people usually reap the bulk of the profits revenue from the sale, passing only a small percentage of the sale price on to the developers of the software.  Wouldn’t it be great if developers could just get together and bring you a bundle themselves?

This is the concept behind, a web site that Steve has put together to deliver great software deals to you without the middleman.  Default Folder X is one component of the bundle, along with other long-time favorites, such as DragThing, GraphicConverter, Spell Catcher X, Cover Stream, HoudahSpot, Mariner Write, and Steve’s own iPrint.  It’s a great bundle of software and sells for $49.95, only $15 more than a copy of Default Folder X alone, and a $200 savings off the combined prices of all the apps.

Yes, the marketing isn’t as slick, but it’s a great deal on some excellent software.  One of the things that convinced me to participate is that I personally own and use quite a few of these apps myself.  So head over to and get a deal on some great software!  But hurry, the deal only lasts until June 14!

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