Default Folder X 4.2.1d15

I’ve posted a developent build of Default Folder X with a number of fixes and improvements.  The changes include:

  • When two folders with the same name are in a menu, the menu items for them will now include the name of the parent folders that uniquely identify those folders (Default Folder X used to just show their immediate parent folders, but sometimes those had the same names too).
  • Extended the startup delay in the workaround for python appscript applications so that they don’t run into errors when they receive AppleEvents.
  • Previews now correctly follow aliases so that a preview of the original file is shown when you select an alias in an Open dialog.
  • Default Folder X was saving empty Finder comments, resulting in Spotlight attaching empty attributes to some files.  This has been fixed.
  • Corrected a problem that would result in DFX not loading in multiple running applications that had the same creator signature (if you’re running both Photoshop CS3 and CS4, for example).
  • Changed rebound so that filenames with a ‘:’ character are recognized correctly in Cocoa applications.
  • Added a “computer” level menu at the top of the path hierarchy in the path menu that appears above the file listing in Open and Save As dialogs.
  • Fixed an AppleScript problem that would cause preview to print a PDF file over and over again if you selected a PDF file and chose Print from the File menu in the Finder.
  • New tags were sometimes not written out to the shared OpenMeta recent tag list.
  • Added 64-bit PPC architecture to the scripting addition.
  • Made tag completion insensitive to differences in diacritical marks.
  • Fixed the Extras/DFX script so it doesn’t show a busy cursor when it pops up the menu.

You can download a copy using this URL:

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