OpenMeta Progress

There’s been quite a bit of debate in Ironic Software’s forums about OpenMeta.  I was initially wary of some of the implementation details, but after discussing it with Tom Andersen, who wrote the OpenMeta code, I’m confident it will serve us all well.  I’ve posted a summary of my thoughts on their forums at

Now that I’m comfortable with OpenMeta’s direction, I’ve finished a pre-release build of Default Folder X that provides OpenMeta tagging support.  You can download it here:

Please install it and have a look.  I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and reports of any bugs you find.  The best way to submit your comments is via email to


2 Responses to “OpenMeta Progress”

  1. MiGrant says:

    Mucho thanko Jon!

  2. hmurchison says:

    Fantastic Jon! Now the onus is on me to create a good tagging plan for my own needs
    and use DFX effectively. Having you onboard is going to give comfort and encouragement
    to other developers that I know are interested but just didn’t’ want to stick their necks out
    there. We OpenMeta fans will be evangelizing as much as possible knowing that even without
    OpenMeta DFX is a standout “must have” product.

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