Default Folder X 6.0d19 : Better drag-and-drop in the Finder

A new pre-release build of Default Folder X version 6 is available! Click here to download it. If you haven’t been following along, previous posts have covered new features like the wider filename edit box in Save dialogs, new Quick Entry window, and post-save actions.

In this build I’ve rewritten the drawer that Default Folder X (optionally) attaches to Finder windows. It now properly supports dragging to reorder items, selection and multi-selection of items in the drawer, dragging items into folders that you’ve added to the drawer, and more.

This makes the drawer much more helpful as a temporary “shelf” when moving items between folders, as well as a handy place to organize files and folders while you’re working with them. They’re easy to get to, even if they’re actually located in multiple different folders.

One of the challenges with the drawer was finding a way to make it scale as you add more items to it. It shrinks the icons as more are added, then as you mouse through them, spreads them apart so you can read their filenames.

I’ve been experimenting with this for quite a while, and I’d appreciate feedback on how it works for you in practice. Suggestions are more than welcome!

4 Responses to “Default Folder X 6.0d19 : Better drag-and-drop in the Finder”

  1. Leon says:

    Love the new Drawer feature in DFX 6!!! At this time, I noticed there is a bug in the DFX 6 D19 version: when I was to save a file and searched for a folder I in which want to save it, what I typed in the “Search” field appeared in the “Save” (file name) field instead.


  2. Leon says:

    The bug is fixed in the DFX6 D21 pre-release. DFX is one of the best Apps on mac and is getting even better!Thank you, Jon.

    • Jon says:

      Yup – got that bug fixed along with a number of others – and forgot to put it in the release notes :-/ Thanks for the kind words, and for testing version 6 and reporting the bug!

      – Jon

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