Default Folder X 5.0.6: Sierra support, bug and compatibility fixes, and a few new things

Shot1 Version 5.0.6 of Default Folder X is officially out! It’s the product of a lot of bug-chasing and wrangling of little details, especially where Sierra is concerned. I know there are still features that some of you are waiting for – I still have a long To-Do list – I haven’t forgotten.

In addition to supporting macOS 10.12, this update delivers a few often-requested features, including the ability to keep your Favorites sorted by name and better interoperability with LaunchBar. It also addresses some occasional glitches and compatibility issues, and starts up more quickly than previous versions.

If you’re running Sierra, El Capitan or Yosemite, you should update to this version, as most of the improvements apply to all versions of macOS, not just Sierra.

There’s a full change list and download links on the Default Folder X What’s New page. Have at it!

And stay tuned for updates to App Tamer and Jettison as well – they’ll be here shortly.

7 Responses to “Default Folder X 5.0.6: Sierra support, bug and compatibility fixes, and a few new things”

  1. Mike Jensen says:

    OS X: 10.11.6
    Default Folder: 5.0.6
    iMac Late 2015 – Retina 5K/16GB Ram/SSD drive

    I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes a good while before Default Folder “kicks in” with Open & Save dialogs. I work primarily in Adobe Creative Cloud (the latest version) – InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop. The lag is sometimes negligible and sometimes it takes 10-15 sec before DF activates on an Open/Save dialog box.

    I’ve noticed this on previous version(s) as well, but I’m not sure how far back the issue was.

    Is there some setting that may be causing this?


  2. Jon says:

    Version 5 has to do things differently to be compatible with System Integrity Protection in El Capitan. Instead of injecting its own code into applications, Default Folder X 5 has to rely on OS X’s notification system to tell it when file dialogs open and close, when you click on items, etc. OS X’s system is slower than the one I wrote myself for Default Folder X 4, so that may be what’s causing the delay.

    There are a few things you can do to maximize performance within Default Folder X itself:

    1. Go to Default Folder X > Preferences > Open & Save and switch the appearance to “Minimal Toolbar”.

    2. Hold down the Option key and choose Default Folder X > Preferences. In the dialog that comes up, turn off “Make the toolbar window fade in” and “Make Finder-click windows fade in”.

    3. In that same dialog, turn on “Use faster but uglier folder switching”.

    Let me know if those make a difference – if not, it could be that the system is just taking a long time to let Default Folder X know that it has put up a file dialog :-/

    • Mike Jensen says:

      Thanks for the background on this Jon. Damn, that’s… unfortunate.

      And I just checked and I already had my preferences set the way you had suggested (I like to run it as lean as possible). So I guess I’ll just have to live with it…

      • Jon says:

        Ok – then let’s see if we can figure out what else might be slowing things down. Shoot me an email at with any observations or correlations you notice when you get that long delay – there’s got to be a reason for it.

  3. Albi says:

    Would you please support Forklift3?

    • Jon says:

      I’ve been in contact with BinaryNights about this – in order to do it, they need to provide an API or scripting interface that will let me get and set the current folder and selection. They said that it’s on their list, but they have higher priorities they have to address first.

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