Default Folder X and El Capitan

ElCapitanScreenshot2 As some of you have undoubtedly noticed since installing beta 2 of El Capitan (aka Mac OS 10.11), the current version of Default Folder X is not compatible with the upcoming OS X release. The Default Folder X background application will run, but cannot enhance the file dialogs of many applications.

To dip into the technical side a bit, this is due to Apple’s new System Integrity Protection, which prevents Default Folder X’s scripting addition from loading into some applications and, most importantly, into the “PowerBox” helper app that presents Open and Save dialogs for all sandboxed applications.

Never fear, however – Default Folder X isn’t dead. I’ve been hard at work on a major revision of Default Folder X that will support El Capitan (yes, I saw this coming). It uses a completely different method for enhancing your file dialogs, and adds a number of handy new features and changes that you folks have requested.

I don’t yet have a firm release date – to be honest, I may have to scale back in a few places to get this into your hands before El Capitan ships, but it’s on the way. The upgrade will be free for anyone who purchases Default Folder X in the 6 months before the new version is released, which means if you buy now, you won’t be paying again for version 5 in a few months.

More news as things develop – for now it’s back to Xcode for me…

– Jon

P.S. And yes I KNOW the website relaunch is way overdue, but software comes first.

P.P.S. For more on System Integrity Protection, read Glenn Fleishman’s article at

11 Responses to “Default Folder X and El Capitan”

  1. Lester Bagley says:

    As a registered user of Default Folder (for a very long time!) and a beta tester for El Capitan I would be happy to beta test the new version of Default Folder.

  2. Jack says:

    As a long time user I am overjoyed to learn that Default Folder will not be killed by SIP!!

  3. Bill says:

    Agreed, this is good news for sure! I’ve been using Default Folder for as long as I can remember – probably 20 years. I’m very glad to learn that it will live on!

    Apple’s new security restrictions might be a bit painful and kill a few system tweaks, but in the end, I’d rather have a locked-down secure computer because I have work to do.

  4. Ray Boehmer says:

    This current security change is a little problematic, but it can be turned off by savvy users (as of the current beta). The next version of OS X? Disabling any protections may well be considered ‘jailbreaking’.

    Is there any doubt that the end game is to lock down MacOS completey to mimic IOS; or to replace MacOS with IOS altogether?

    Then, guess what happens to apps that don’t give a piece of their income to Apple via the App store??

    You know, for security??

  5. xgman says:

    I’d rather disable this overzealous system protection and have things the way I want them as opposed to the way Apple does.

  6. I guess pointing just how long you’ve been a DF user is de rigueur, but I have to say that it’s been on my computer so long that I was totally surprised by the appearance of dialog boxes after I installed El Capitan. They are just plain boxes! Who knew?

    Renaming files while opening or saving is something that I just need to have, among the many other features. For now I’ll turn off SIP which to me seems like overkill.

    Turley’s excellent software fills some of the gaps, sorta.

    And while I didn’t buy DF in the past 6 months (I paid for some sort of update recently, I think), I’ll happily pay for the revised version.

    So, Jon, get to work 🙂

  7. T Stein says:

    I know you are hard at work on El Capitan version.

    You said in mid-July that you hoped to be live by the time OS 10.11 came out. Any ETA yet on DF release?

  8. Tomas Østberg- Jacobsen says:

    I have also been using DF for a long time, actually its the first software i install when i buy a new mac. Hope it will come around soon for el capitan, or else i will downgrade the OS! :=D


  9. Vicki says:

    Thank you. I am deeply sick of reading about all of the apps that I depend on that won’t work in El Capitan (and how Apple is protecting my from… I’m not sure what.)

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