Default Folder X 4.3.6 Released!

Default Folder X 4.3.6 is finally available, delivering a whole bunch of improvements and fixes.  And yes, it finally uses Sparkle to check for updates 🙂

If you use Default Folder X, make sure you update to 4.3.6 – not only does it address bugs in some of its own features, but it also compensates for a lot of the quirks and not-quite-right things in Snow Leopard.

For a full listing of changes and links to download it (in various languages), check the What’s New page. If you just want to grab the update right away, use this link:

As always, if you encounter problems or have questions, post a comment here or send an email to us!

One Response to “Default Folder X 4.3.6 Released!”

  1. matt haines says:

    Yay! A new release! It’s funny, when I switched computers I didn’t for some reason install my Default Folder, or turned it off…I don’t recall. But I’ve been without it for about a year now, and kept thinking to myself I should see about putting it back on. Not to mention, I still from time to time use the key commands in the open dialog and find they don’t work with out DF. So your upgrade notice was very welcome, as a reminder I was missing something. My computer and I are just a tiny bit happier now. Thanks!

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