Default Folder X 4.3.1 Fine-Tuned for Snow Leopard

I just posted version 4.3.1 of Default Folder X.  It’s got fixes and improvements for users of Snow Leopard, Gmail, Final Cut Pro, and QuickTime.  It also makes Default Folder X’s contextual menus work in icon and column view in Open and Save dialogs (they were missing in Snow Leopard).

If you want the toolbar to be on the left side of the Open and Save dialog instead of the right, install version 4.3.1 and then Option-click on the “Settings” button in the preference pane and turn on “ToolbarOnLeft”.

There are also some UI fixes, including eliminating that annoying white box that would occasionally show up in the menubar where Default Folder X’s menu icon was supposed to be.

Thanks for everyone that reported problems and tested fixes for them.  If you have any issues or ideas, just email

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  1. Daniel Cohen says:

    I was happily using 4.3 on Snow Leopard, for which I am registered. As soon as I installed 4.3.1, it told me I needed to upgrade. I have asked for the yet registration number to be sent to me, in case of an error on my part, but there’s not been time to have received it. However I have confirmed that when I start from my backup drive, DF 4.3 shows as registered and has the same registration number as what was refused for 4.3.1

    • Jon says:

      Sorry for the trouble Daniel. There was a bug in the build posted early yesterday morning – it was fixed very shortly afterward. The original build did not correctly recognize a few registration codes purchased through Kagi in the second half of 2007. I checked, and that includes you. There are two solutions:

      1. Re-download and install DFX 4.3.1. The problem doesn’t exist in any copies downloaded after about 8 am yesterday (1 pm to you in the UK).

      2. Contact me at and I’ll give you a new code that works.

      Take your pick – and again, I apologize for the screw-up. BTW – the blog isn’t really a good way to get tech support. Email works much better for that.

      – Jon

  2. Daniel Cohen says:

    Solution 1 seems to have worked fine.

    I deliberately used the blog rather than email as it means that the answer is visible on your site if others run into the same problem.

    Have the MacUpdate and VersionTracker versions been updated to the version without the bug?

  3. Jon says:

    Yes, MacUpdate, VersionTracker, and IUseThis all point to our servers anyway, so you get the fixed version no matter where you download it from.

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