Default Folder X 5.3.5 improves support for HoudahSpot, LaunchBar, CopyPaste Pro and Mojave

While there isn’t a giant “marquee feature” in this release, version 5.3.5 of Default Folder X delivers a long list of improvements.

‘Search with HoudahSpot’ in the Utility menu

In terms of new functionality, users of HoudahSpot (and those of you that don’t use it and should go try it now) will be happy to see that you can start a search directly from an Open or Save dialog. This helps overcome the weak search functionality that macOS offers by default in file dialogs. And with the upcoming release of HoudahSpot 5, you’ll be able to make “round-trip” searches, sending results back to the waiting file dialog after you’ve found what you want.

You can save screenshots to any folder you want using Mojave’s screenshot tool

Compatibility fixes for LaunchBar and CopyPaste Pro are also in version 5.3.5, as well as a fix so that Default Folder X works in the Save dialogs used by Mojave’s new screenshot utility. The latter was an interesting (and understandable) situation: Mojave’s screen capture app basically covers the entire screen with a big, semi-transparent window to let you rubber-band select an area and whatnot. If you then choose “Other Location…” to select a folder, the attendant file dialog has to come up on top of the giant window so you can use it. Since the big window is covering everything else, including Default Folder X, DFX didn’t work because mouse and keyboard clicks couldn’t get through. It just wasn’t something I’d planned for – so now I have 🙂

Version 5.3.5 also offers a bunch of improvements for Default Folder X’s drawer in the Finder, fixes for bugs involving its selection of recent files and folders in Open and Save dialogs, a problem with file dialog sheets when they’re the full width of the screen, and issues with some many-button mice.

Oh, and the secret settings dialog now lets you turn on “view-matching” for the Finder-click feature, making Default Folder X apply whatever view mode (Icon / List / Column) is used in the Finder window to the file dialog. And you can specify a minimum width and height for file dialogs, preventing them from coming up in a uselessly-small default size. Hold down the Option key while choosing Preferences from Default Folder X’s menu to get there.

As usual, the change history and download links are available on the Default Folder X Release Page. Go get it!

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3 Responses to “Default Folder X 5.3.5 improves support for HoudahSpot, LaunchBar, CopyPaste Pro and Mojave”

  1. Mitchell Yawitz says:

    I’m not quite clear on the intended behavior re: the advanced setting for the minimum dimensions of file dialogs. As I’ve just recently updated to Mojave, I was surprised by the limited height of file open and save dialogs, and thought this would be a way to produce a taller window. But the parameters are specified in pixels, and seem to be limited to 60 or so (at least <100). That isn't particularly useful, unless I'm misunderstanding what this measurement is referring to.

    While I'm at it, is there any reason to not set the "delay before" values (at the bottom of the advanced settings) to 0? What is the intent here?


    • Jon says:

      I’m sorry for the problem – the number formatters for the minimum dimensions somehow got reset to a 0-60 range. Not helpful, indeed. This build has them fixed:

      The “delay before” values just keep previews from popping up like hyperactive gerbils as you traverse the menus – you can set them to zero, but it makes using the menus a bit visually “noisy”.

      – Jon

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