Tip: Automatically adding the date to filenames

From time to time I get requests to make Default Folder X automatically type the date or some other information into new filenames in Save dialogs. While this may be a good idea for a handful of people, the complexity and number of variations I’d have to support would result in a lot of additional settings in Default Folder X’s already crowded preferences.

Not only would it add complexity to Default Folder X, but there is already an easy solution to this – text macro utilities. I personally add the date to some filenames using Typinator, a “text expander” application from Ergonis Software. I just type “dt” and it automatically expands to the current date – and not just when I’m typing a name for a file in a Save As dialog – it’ll expand that shortcut wherever I type it on my Mac.

If you need this sort of shortcut when you’re saving files – or writing emails, filling in web forms, taking notes, etc – check out one of these tools (there are others – these are just a few of the major ones):

Keyboard Maestro

If you’ve got others you think should be added here, don’t hesitate to post a comment or give me a shout @stclairsoft

– Jon

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  1. Hi Jon,
    thanks for leaving things as they are – as good as they are! I’m using Typinator myself and it usually works. Can recommend it. TextExpander is a bit newer, in its’ latest version not Snow Leopard-compatible any more.

    Just one quick thing on DFX: the check for latest open folder now occasionally takes a bit longer than in the past on my system (aging MBP C2D, 10.6x).

    >Regards, Rolf

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