Default Folder X 4.4.12 : Bug fixes, a file named “/-” and other troubles

There’s a quick update for  Default Folder X today – version 4.4.12 fixes a nasty bug that could cause Open and Save As dialogs to hang in DVD Player, Adobe Bridge, Flash, Vector Magic and other applications. Please install the update now.

And if you’re seeing a little file named “/-” constantly appearing at the root level of your hard disk, update your copy of Default Folder X to fix that too. The problem is actually due to a bug in the “codesign” utility that’s built into Mac OS 10.7 – I submitted a bug report to Apple and they replied that they know about it and are working on a fix. In the meantime, version 4.4.11 or higher of Default Folder X avoids the bug, so once you update, you shouldn’t see that file anymore.

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