Default Folder X 4.4.7b1

We’ve put up a quick public beta just to make sure there are no lingering problems with Default Folder X 4.4.7. I finally tracked down the issue that’s been dogging us since Lion’s release – the beta should cure any remaining compatibility problems (namely with Bias Peak and Apple’s Keynote, but there may be others, including GraphicConverter and System Preferences).

Please take the time to download a copy from the Default Folder X Testing page and put it through its paces. Your feedback will really be appreciated.


– Jon

2 Responses to “Default Folder X 4.4.7b1”

  1. Mikael says:

    Will version 4.4.7. also fix the API problem with Open/Save dialogs contextual menu which allows you to rename and trash files?

    • Jon says:

      I’m afraid the contextual menus are still only available in some applications as of version 4.4.7. I’ll get on that next. The priority on this release has been to address the cause of crashes.

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