App Tamer 1.0.1 is available

The reception for App Tamer has been fantastic!  I’m particularly happy with Jeff Porten’s article on, where he aptly describes App Tamer as “giving you a faster computer and a longer-lasting battery through the magic of not-making-your-Mac-work-as-hard.”

We’ve now got a minor update that addresses a few issues, as well as making App Tamer run a little more efficiently, so it uses less of your CPU time to save you CPU time.  These are fairly minor changes because there just haven’t been a lot of problems found with App Tamer 🙂

Check the App Tamer Release Page for all the details and download links.

If you haven’t tried App Tamer yet, by all means give it a look!  The download is a full-featured 15 day trial, and all you do to buy it is make a purchase from our web store and enter your serial number into the demo copy.

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