App Tamer almost finished!

So I’ve been working on this little application that fixes an annoying problem in OS X.

You may have noticed that the remaining battery life on your MacBook Pro (or whatever laptop you have) often plummets if you leave Safari displaying an ad in the background. That’s because most web browsers, as well as a number of other apps, continue running tasks or animations even when they’re sitting idle in the background. This can be pretty frustrating if you’re actually trying to conserve battery or use that CPU power for something useful.

I wrote App Tamer to fix this.  It pauses apps in the background to prevent them from chewing up CPU time (and battery life). I know, I know – you’ve probably seen some utilities that do this already. BUT – here’s the cool part – App Tamer stops and starts applications automatically. You don’t have to distract yourself by manually stopping and starting applications – it just magically works.

Have a look at the App Tamer page for details.  It’s in the final stages of beta testing, and you’re welcome to download a copy of the latest beta and try it for yourself. Let us know what you think at

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