Layers for iPhone is on the App Store!

Apple has finally approved Ben’s new iPhone drawing app, Layers, for sale on the App Store!

Layers is a really polished, feature-packed natural media painting program for the iPhone.  As it’s name implies, one of its distinguishing features is that it lets you paint on up to 5 different layers.  That, combined with its full undo/redo support, makes it easy for even fumble-fingered people like me to create decent drawings.  It also sports transparency, 8 different brushes, and a really cool feature that lets you erase portions of the current layer to reveal the layer below — something that’s fun to do with photos because you can ‘knock out’ the background around a subject to reveal the contents of another photo or a drawing below it.

Anyway, have a look at And yes, in the interest of full disclosure, it’s written by my son, but even if it weren’t, I’d still be incredibly impressed.

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