Get 50% off HistoryHound – today only!

Our friends at MacUpdate are offering HistoryHound for $9.95 today, making it easier (and cheaper) than ever for you to take advantage of HistoryHound’s capabilities.  To buy your copy, visit the MacUpdate Promo site.

2 Responses to “Get 50% off HistoryHound – today only!”

  1. izdale says:

    And what happen when version 2 is released? Will new buyers get that upgrade free? I will buy once I know the answer.

  2. Jon says:

    Everyone (existing users and new ones who purchase through the MacUpdate Promo) will get the 1.x upgrades for free. I’m working on one of those right now.

    Version 2 will be a paid upgrade next year if everything goes as planned. The big change is that I’ll be adding caching of the text of pages, so that you’ll have a saved copy even if the page on the web changes. I can’t supply a timetable on that and the other features because I spend a lot of time on performance tweaking and won’t release it until it works well. It’ll be done when it’s done.

    My policy is to give minor version upgrades for free, and charge for major ones. People that have purchased a license right before the new release get the upgrade for free (because it wouldn’t be fair to do otherwise), but I do anticipate version 2 being a paid upgrade for MacUpdate Promo buyers. As always, if you don’t want to buy the upgrade, you can continue using the software you’ve bought – it’s not going to stop working or lose features – but I do have to make enough money to keep the company running, and that requires charging for the work put in.

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