Win an iPod Touch!

So the iPhone SDK (or maybe the beta of the SDK) comes out today. We’re as excited as everyone else out there, and really want to get rolling. But not just with “solitaire for the iPhone,” so…

We’re having a contest! We’re giving away a 16 GB iPod Touch to whoever has the best application idea for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Got something you’ve been wishing for on your iPhone? Something that “just makes sense”? Or something that’s so outside the box that it just might be the next revolution? Let us know – if we think it’s great too, we’ll give you an iPod Touch!

To submit your idea go to

The iPod Contest Page

2 Responses to “Win an iPod Touch!”

  1. Jomskylark says:


    I didn’t know if I should e-mail these questions or what.

    1) Are we allowed to submit multiple entries?
    2) How reasonable should our ideas be? For example, I don’t think it would be okay to say “entire Mac OS X software originally compatable for MacBook, now on your iPhone”, but I’m not the judge.
    3) Lastly, what characteristics are the winners judged on? Creativity? Good essay?


    – sky_lark

  2. Jon says:

    1) Yes, multiple entries are allowed (that’s in the verbage in one of those links on the contest page somewhere…) If you’ve got more than one idea, you’ve gotta get them all in, right? Actually, it’s _better_ to make multiple submissions if you’ve multiple ideas.

    2) Well, you can be as unreasonable as you want – but we won’t pick you as the winner 😉

    3) In the end, we’re looking for the best app idea. Certainly, presentation helps, because if you get a developer excited about a project, he’ll go tearing off and do a killer job on it 😀 But if you’ve just got a stunning idea, tape it to a rock and throw it through our window, we’ll give you the iPod (as long as you include your address….)

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