Default Folder 4.0.2 Released

Well, there were some remaining “gotchas” in 4.0.1 that I’ve ironed out in 4.0.2.  Most important were the troubles that Default Folder X was having with Open and Save sheets in Carbon applications when the app’s windows contained a toolbar.  These problems are now fixed, as are a couple of smaller issues.

You can grab a copy of version 4.0.2 and/or read the change log here:

As always, thanks to everyone who reported the problems they found and helped test the fixes!

   – Jon

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  1. Dave Doolittle says:

    OS X finally does what I’ve always wanted it to do, now that I have Default Folder X installed! Thanks to the developers! This add-on is worth every penny for improving my work flow on my Mac! Much less fooling around with file navigating, thanks to you!
    When inserting photos and graphics into Dreamweaver, the handy preview window at the bottom of the dialog box is frosting on the cake.. a better size preview than you get in OS X’s Column view.
    Thanks much!
    Cape Cod MA

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