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Version 1.2 delivers the much requested countdown timer, limiting the time students have to answer each question. The user interface has also been improved significantly, offering greater ease of use for parents, teachers and students. Other new features include:

  • Added the "Login Active Mac OS X user" feature.
  • Preferences are now stored computer - wide, so settings can be shared over multipe Mac OS X users.
  • The "Reduce play time by X seconds while answering" feature has been replaced with a quiz timer.
  • Passwords are now encrypted.
  • Users are now asked to confirm removal of a student. Hold option to skip.
  • Used lessons now prompt for a replacement when they are removed.
  • New auto-login feature.
  • Lessons names can now be changed without corrupting student settings.
  • If the active student is using a lesson that is emptied (question sets removed), he/she is deactivated.
  • When a lesson is removed, the user is prompted for a replacement. Students using the removed lesson are transferred to the new one.
  • If the active user is using a lesson that is removed with no replacement, he/she is deactivated.
  • Improved splash screen.
  • New application, report card and preferences icons.


Designed and written by Ben Gotow (the son of Default Folder author Jon Gotow), FlashMath is an easy-to-use flash card program that teaches basic math. Designed especially for computer-loving students, FlashMath uses an "eat your vegetables" approach to learning math. It intermittently interrupts whatever the student is doing to quiz him or her on a set of flash cards. The student's score on the quiz determines how long they can use the computer before the next quiz session interrupts. FlashMath is loaded with features and has been proven effective in the classroom and at home.

Features Include:

  • A setup assistant that makes it easy to configure FlashMath for your students. You do not need to be a computer expert to use FlashMath. Its easy-to-use interface and helpful setup assistant will get you up and running in no time - no matter what your level of expertise.

  • Multiple student mode. FlashMath can be prepared for use by either a single student or a large group. Simply select the current student from the menu and FlashMath switches into their settings. On OS X, FlashMath can be configured to automatically switch to a student's settings when he or she logs in.

  • Separate settings and customized quizzes for each student. Choose between difficulty levels and problem types. Even intermix problems of different types and difficulties. FlashMath currently supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  • A unique lesson-based system that makes modifying settings for a group of students quick and painless. Your students are probably all learning the same material. While many programs require you to enter the same information again and again, FlashMath takes advantage of this fact with a lesson-based system. Modify a lesson, and the students using it will be automatically updated.

  • Report cards that allow you to track each student's performance. Are your students doing well or do you need to review? FlashMath makes it easy to see the trend.

  • Password protection that prevents students from modifying their settings or quitting the application. Students cannot turn off the intermittent quizzes or modify their settings without entering your password.

FlashMath 1.2 
Downloads are free and all features are enabled for 30 days
FlashMath is $15
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System Requirements

FlashMath 1.2 supports Mac OS 8.1 or higher, including Mac OS X. FlashMath requires 3 MB of disk space and at least 3 MB of memory, and CarbonLib for Macintoshes running Mac OS 8 or 9.
CarbonLib is already installed on most Macintoshes. If you do not have it, a message will be displayed when you try to launch FlashMath. You can download the latest version of CarbonLib from Apple's software support library.

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