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App Tamer

App Tamer 2.2 Testing
Updated August 17, 2016

This public beta version of App Tamer provides compatibility with the public beta version of macOS 10.12 Sierra, as well as significant performance improvements.

Version 2.2b3 delivers these improvements:

  • Further improved efficiency on El Capitan and Sierra.
  • Fixed a launch-time bug that caused crashes on macOS 10.9.
  • Made contextual menus (when clicking on processes in App Tamer) behave consistently.

Earlier beta releases included these changes:

  • Corrected a build problem that prevented App Tamer from launching on macOS 10.10 and earlier.
  • Resolved a problem with App Tamer hanging at launch time on the beta release of macOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Made App Tamer much more intelligent about stopping and starting helper processes such as Safari Web Content, Safari Networking, Google Chrome Helper, etc.
  • Improved App Tamer's efficiency when managing lots of processes.
  • Fixed problems with text not fitting correctly when running on French systems.

How to be a beta tester:

In order to beta test, you must have a stable, predictable machine and be willing to commit time to work with us if you discover a bug or conflict. If you encounter incorrect or confusing behavior, please try to summarize what you were doing at the time it happened and supply that along with a crash log or screenshot.


Click below to download the public test version of App Tamer 2.2:

Download App Tamer 2.2b3

Please note that App Tamer 2.2b3 is pre-release software, and as such, may contain bugs. It has been tested for compatibility on a number of systems, but has not been fully qualified and released. When testing any unreleased software, you should have a backup copy of any important files, since a software bug could cause your Macintosh to crash and lose valuable data.

Bug Reports:

Don't assume that a bug you've found has already been reported!! Please submit all bug reports and feedback to

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Download Version 2.3.2 
For Mac OS 10.7+ 

Download Version 1.3.2 
For 10.5 and 10.6  

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Reviews and Comments
What a beautifully simple yet revolutionary App! But don't tell Apple that I can put off upgrading my Macbooks for another year ;)
- Marko Turner
It's "just working". Thank you so much. Love the product. Love the support.
- Gregory Morse
A) the user interface is completely intuitive, B) it seems to work perfectly and instantaneously, and C) I did independent confirmation with my usual tool (top from the command line) and astonishingly, Safari was sitting there firmly fixed at 0 %CPU. That is awesome!!! I am absolutely going to be telling everyone I know to go buy this immediately!
- Larry Yaeger
System Requirements

Mac OS 10.7
or higher
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